These stickers, stencils and posters can be used at or around actions to maintain clear and consistent messaging across the country despite the decentralised nature of our organising. Also useful for promoting the ideas around Plan B and spreading the word leading up to November.


3 sizes available 15cm, 10cm, 6cm.

Free or by donation.

g20 sticker copy for web

Email to request stickers by post or to arrange pick-up.


g20 sticker flattened copy

Click here to download G20 stencil template

resist stencil copy

Click here to download RESIST THE G20 stencil template



Click here to download poster


One thought on “Resources

  1. I’m an activist from Melbourne. I would like to know about what can I and how can I know about to organise a protest? I want to print some slogans which you published on your website. When is G20? Where is it happening? How can I join with you guys to show my support?


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