Organising Resistance

Just imagine, while the pigs are helplessly patrolling the streets of Brisbane’s CBD in their ridiculous armour with their intimidating vehicles, decentralised waves of creation and destruction will ebb and flow right across the country, completely out of their rotten sight. There is nothing more beautiful we can think of.

How This Works…


An affinity group is a crew, a gang or a group of friends with shared political aims, goals or tactics. Affinity groups can be impermanent and specific to a particular event, (like the G20), but they can also be active in a more ongoing context. In terms of organising, these kinds of summits are useful as a catalyst for directing our anger, but they are only the most obvious congregation of everything we despise.

Everything they represent and work towards is happening regularly all over the globe. What we mean is; let’s be disgusted and terrified by this gathering – but understand it as a flashpoint, existing within the daily, mundane terrorism of capitalism. For this reason we reckon ongoing affinity groups are a great idea!

Affinity groups are (or at least we think they should be) organised horizontally- that is on anti-authoritarian lines. Everyone has equal say and there are no leaders. A small group can operate on its own, or as part of a larger group. Larger groups made up of smaller groups can be organised somewhat formally with spokescouncils. This way we have the benefit of larger groups of people, but also the fast direct-democratic decision-making capabilities of a small group of friends. Basically, the best of both worlds.

Affinity groups may not need to or want to engage in larger scale decision-making but if they do they’ll need a spokes. The spokes is not a leader (obviously!) but a person appointed to communicate the decisions and positions of their group. Spokes should rotate every action. One example where spokes and spokes council will make things a whole lot easier is a street party/protest/blockade which requires lots of people. Instead of having ‘protest organisers’ telling us what we should do, and ‘marshals’ or ‘peace police’ enforcing it, spokescouncil allows for mass direct democracy, quickly, as well as autonomy.


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