PLAN B is a call for decentralised resistance to the G20 Australia Summit being held in Brisbane in November 2014, where many of the world’s most powerful people will meet to make decisions that dramatically affect us all.

We are calling for people to form affinity groups in their home towns and to autonomously organise decentralised direct action across the country against the G20 and the capitalist occupation of our lives.

We resist the G20 as it is a powerful symbol of the undemocratic nature of the global neo-liberal empire.

The G20 represents the continued dispossession of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; it represents the maintenance of structural racism and white supremacy; it represents the system that ensures the continued subjugation of wom*n and LGBTIQ people; it represents the trashing of workers rights and the widening gap between rich and poor.

The G20 represents the expansion of the private prison system; it represents those who profit off the maintenance of the border and the concentration camps which incarcerate many who try to cross it.

The G20 represents environmental destruction; it represents the factory farms that imprison and torture animals everyday; it represents the invasion of public space by the corporations with their billboards and posters screaming at us to buy more shit we don’t need.

The G20 represents all that we struggle against everyday.

For this reason we are calling on people to disrupt, resist and obstruct the mechanisms of power which bolster the legitimacy of the G20.

– – – – – – – –

We would like to acknowledge the First Peoples of this continent, whose sovereignties were never ceded, and pay our respects to all elders, past and present, and all ATSI people who continue to survive and resist neo-colonialism.

We pay our respects to the freedom fighters that have fought and continue to fight for country against the invading colonial forces since 1788.

We acknowledge the illegitimacy of the Australian nation state, which is foundationally based on the doctrine of terra nullius (empty land).

We also acknowledge the complicity of all non-Indigenous Australians in the dispossession, genocide and colonisation of the First Peoples – and acknowledge that simply by our presence on this continent, we benefit from colonisation.

– – – – – – – –

This website is a work in progress inspired by the zine of the same name – to the authors of that zine… thankyou… whoever you are.



5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I understand and support your motives but there is no need for violence and destruction in your campaign. It is EXTREMELY dissapointing that your campaign encourages this action and it is VERY off putting from the cause, especially in a country that condemns terrorism and violence. PEACEFUL PROTEST. It’s been around for a long time, and if you were to use such aggressive and harmful methods like “property destruction”, you would definitely give yourselves a negative public image. Take a leaf out of the book of MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. One of the first things you learn as a CHILD is that two wrongs don’t make a right, and if you were to perform such actions, you would ONLY BE AS BAD AS THOSE WHO PROVOKED YOU. Australia is a safe country, and your “suggestions” for protest would put Brisbane on the map for all the wrong reasons. Be rational. This is not NORTHERN IRELAND. This is not IRAQ. Intimidation and violence will do no good. PEACEFUL PROTEST, as I will state once more, IS THE BEST METHOD. THINK RATIONALLY ABOUT YOUR ACTIONS. THERE IS NO PLACE FOR VIOLENCE IN AUSTRALIA. Be peaceful, and people will accept your campaign. You have a good messages, but change your ATTITUDE before you are perceived as villains.

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    1. Thankyou for taking the time to write…

      Firstly, we do not advocate inter-personal violence.

      However, we do consider inaction as complicity in the violence of the state. We are encouraging individuals and groups to take action which they see as effective and necessary given their circumstances.

      The assertion that we live in “a country that condemns terrorism and violence” has a basis in rhetoric only. In practice, the Government, police and armed force are complicit and responsible in perpetuating violence and a culture of terrorism. It is indisputable that the police, and therefore the state which holds a monopoly over legitimized violence, are the biggest and most prolific agents of violence in our society. Secondly, the violence of dispossession and the continued colonisation of the First Peoples of this continent sits at the heart of Australian nationhood, further disproving your assertion that Australia condemns violence. Thirdly, the violence perpetrated by this country upon future generations via environmental destruction and the resource industry’s contribution to climate change, further disproves your claim.

      We do not see property destruction as an inherently violent act. If there is a machine which is used to clear-fell forests, destroying entire ecosystems and contributing greatly to climate change via both emissions, and the drop in sequestration, and that machine can be permanently stopped from doing this job by simply tampering with its fuel tank, is it a violent act to do so? No fire, no bombing, no injuries, intimidation or confrontation. Where is the violence?

      In regard to your claim that property destruction will give us a negative public image, who is the ‘us’ you refer to? The whole idea is that people will be organising and acting autonomously. We are not a unified group. All that ‘we’ have in common is our opposition to G20. That is the beauty of Plan B.

      Furthermore, protesters, activists and dissidents ALWAYS have a negative public image. When protests ‘turn violent’, it is always the police who bring the violence, yet in the media we are called ‘rioters’ and ‘violent protesters’. Police brutality is described as “scuffles between police and protesters”. We are sick of pandering to a media which in most cases is little more than populist Murdoch propaganda.

      And on MLK – Have you ever read more of Martin Luther King Jr. than the tired platitudes recycled by white pacifists in heart warming memes? If you had, and understood the broader socio-political context from which he wrote, you would know that at times he did not condemn a diversity of tactics that included property destruction and even armed resistance.

      Lastly, thankyou for your concern. We agree that peaceful protest is ideal. But at what point will people realise that rallies, marches and letter writing does little more than make us feel better about ourselves? In this time of urgency (both in terms of climate change and the loss of our rights due to terror scare campaigns) we must employ a diversity of tactics which are as effective as possible. If that means placing a spanner in the cogs of the machines of capitalism….. pass us the spanner..


  2. hey, i have joined quite a number of protest groups in prep for the g20 & am happy to make myself available to stand up for the things i believe passionately about including climate change, support for our indigenous brothers and sisters, etc, etc. i will be the first in line when we march through the streets of brissy in a planned and non violent manner receiving media attention from both aussie and international agencies. It will be a great time for all involved as we unify as one in our large groups to get our message out to the world! my question to you is & your answer can come in a private message if you like; is how do i join up with all your brothers and sisters and plan the action were to take at the g20? i would like to know some of the finer points of this type of protesting cos i gotta admit, its not something ive tried before & i dont know how autonomy works in this regard? talk soon


  3. How disappointing to see yet another person hand-wringing about “peaceful protest” without any suggestions whatsoever as to what to do about the unthinkable violence constantly being carried out by the state. What hypocrisy. Those on the receiving end of the violence don’t care about your pristine lily-white hands (or media image), they care about you doing something that actually makes it more difficult for those who benefit from systemic violence and oppression to continue employing them.


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